is a good concept and a decent website.  I hate the oversized nav links at the top but other than that I have no other gripes about the site.  However, many of my favorite journalists use it to post thoughts and analysis when 140 characters isn't enough.  It seems like twitlonger but i t is actually more useful to posters as it categorizes the post by topic and allows people to view content by topic.  

The problem is that sulia pays the content creators for clicks, and that tempts the creators to post everything on sulia and simply post a link to sulia on twitter.   I hate twitlonger links in my feed as well. I would prefer a 140 character teaser with a link to a blog in the tweet, because I mostly use a mobile device fo r twitter consumption.  The worst behavior is when the journalist posts a short statement (less than 140 characters) and a link to their blog on su lia, and then tweets a teaser with a link to sulia.  THIS IS A HORRIBLE THING TO DO TO YOUR READERS.  Unfortunately, many of my favorite journalist ( I am talking to you) do the double link sulia post several times a day.  I want to reply to all sulia tweets begging for them to stop, but I respect these writers and don't want to be rude.  How can they use sulia more effectively?

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